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” One can speak poetry

just by arranging colors well 

- Vincent Van Gogh





• brand identity •

EL Studio develops an exclusive mood board with specific colour palette,

font/s, patterns and textures that matches your visions and core values. This

brand identity creates the visuals to tell your story and piece together your

customers perception and experience, -revealing your unique qualities.    

EL Studios brand identity development aim to create a firm foundation for

your brand, making sure your appearance is consistent throughout and set the tone

to reflect your voice in your brands identity- today as well as for years to come.


• web layout and design •

EL Studio creates one of a kind tailor made websites with dedication

to the aesthetics and your brands unique identity. Focus is on every detail to

make sure you give the best presentation of your content to your audience.


Ensuring that your EL Studio created website is easy for you to

maintain, is clientele friendly, seamlessly responsive and have exquisite

SEO integration. Whether you prefer an e-commerce website, a blog

or a portfolio to showcase your work and undertakings.


• brand photography •


In this visually inspiring world, -having consistent, creative and

unique images for your brand is a brilliant way to distinguish yourself.

EL Studio supplies custom made and exclusively created imagery

suited to your particular brand identity and personal visions.

Whether you wish for imagery of your products or desire

stills of portrait, nature, food or an interior/exterior setting.


• logotype design •

EL Studio is passionate about creating custom made logotype design - aiming

to tell your story in a single distinguishable and sophisticated imprint.


Using digital graphics and fontwork in a thoughtful and deliberate composition in

creating your unique signature, revering your brands identity and ambition.


• process •

EL Studios intention and purpose is for you to be

utterly satisfied with our work for you before site release and/or

delivering any final designs or digital files.

EL Studio always asks for half of the total amount due upfront,

before starting on your project and will during the assignment send

you viewings of the material and possible changes can be made

until you feel completely content.


Once you are perfectly pleased with the design and

the final amount due is paid EL Studio will deliver all the files

to use and/or full access to your website/digital information.


• team up •

If you are interested in teaming up your brand with EL Studio or

would like to hear more about its design process, pricing, availability

or any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

There is usually a waitlist for new projects and

we will need to book yours - once your request is submitted

EL Studio will get back to you as soon as possible but please

allow up to four days reply time.


Thanks for your patience and I'd love to hear from You !