about me.


I am an empirical aesthete who first started using

photography as a secondary necessity to add imagery

to my food & recipes blog before actually falling head

over heels for it and expanding the motifs beyond edibles.

Photography deepened my love for visual beauty into all

things design, especially graphic, layout & web design. I am

self taught, -ever developing and learning new things within these fields. Currently I enjoy my life in the South of Sweden

with my multinational family of afroamerindians, swedes, brits

and semi-parisians, who are all a constant reminder to love life with an apetite and naturally so, - with an air of presence

and creativity.​​​​​​​

Today I work with clients on their website design, logo design, brand identity, brand photography and social media layouts. The work is attentively created in close collaboration with the clients vision and if you are interested in teaming up your brand with the studio or would like to hear more about its design process, pricing, availability or any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

There is usually a waitlist for new projects and the studio will need to 
book yours - once your request is submitted I will get back to you as soon as possible but please allow up to four days reply time.


Thanks for your patience and I would love to hear from You !

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